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Wireless Phase Reference for UltraTEV Plus2

Wireless Phase Reference for UltraTEV Plus2

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The Wireless Phase Reference from EA Technology is an accessory for the UTP2 which allows it to receive a phase reference in places where its onboard sensors might not.

It uses a variety of sensors to capture the power frequency and transmits it wirelessly in real-time to the Plus 2.

Making Partial Discharge Data Analysis Easy & Accurate

To effectively understand and prevent Partial Discharge (PD) in high voltage systems, it is crucial to prioritise phase lock. This can lead to improved data analysis and better informed decision making.

The Wireless Phase Reference ensures accurate phase lock in any environment.

Why Use Wireless Phase Reference?

  • Ensures the perfect phase reference every time, through multiple methods (mains power connection, e-field, Rogowski coil and photosensor)
  • Wireless connection to the UltraTEV® Plus2, up to 40 meters away
  • Long life battery, up to 16 hours

4 Ways To Achieve Phase Lock

Using EA Technology’s UltraTEV® Plus² with Wireless Phase Reference, a phase lock can be achieved in four different ways:

  • Direct power mains connection
  • E-Field – An internal sensor will detect and lock on to the stray electric fields within the substation
  • Rogowski coil - Detecting AC signals in any conductor
  • Photo sensor – A photo sensor on the front of the instrument will lock on to nearby mains frequency lighting such as a fluorescent fitting when there is a line of sight between the sensor and the light

Download Items:

Wireless Phase Reference Accessory Datasheet