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Our Leading Brands

Amidyne Solutions

Xtend–A–Rack is available as either a 3 section or 4 section version. The 3 section version weighs 9.9 lbs (4.5 kg) and extends to 12.5’ (3.8 m). The 4 section version weighs 9.9 lbs (4.5 kg) and extends to 17’ (5.18 m). Each Xtend–A–Rack comes standard with a ½” drive ratchet, a 90 ̊ drive head assembly and a carrying case. The case offers a quick and convenient way to protect the Xtend–A–Rack shaft from damage and to store the device and multiple couplings in one place. Couplings are breaker–specific and must be ordered separately.

Arcteq Relays Ltd

Arcteq is a pioneer in arc flash protection, and they are known for making the most accurate protection relays in the world. ArcTeq is an independent, family-owned company with a focus on protection relays and arc flash protection systems. They are an agile companion with reliable delivery times, and all their products are manufactured in their headquarters in Vaasa, Finland. Leading Edge Sales is a Distributor for ArcTeq in Western Canada.

AVO Diagnostics Labs

AVO Diagnostic Services * provides the vital knowledge you need to help lower risk and improve your electrical system’s reliability. For over 30 years, the company has been providing actionable information to international standards through our range of tests, products and services. AVO operates multiple Dielectric OIl laboratories globally supported by a network of expert engineers. Leading Edge Sales is proud to support the Calgary, AB Lab for our regional customers oil testing needs. (* Formerly operated as Weidmann Diagnostics)

Cargill Inc.

For the performance you want and the reliable power your communities need, FR3 fluid beats mineral oil — it’s that simple. Mineral oil has helped light and power the globe for more than 120 years. But for decades, another option has proven better. FR3 dielectric fluid—derived from 100% renewable vegetable oils—delivers what transformer mineral oil can’t: peace-of-mind reliability with exceptional performance, improved fire safety, and better-for-the-planet biodegradability, along with related cost savings. Leading Edge Sales Repsents Carill FR3 in Western Canada.

Delta Star Transformers

Delta Star is an Employee Owned, North American based, Power Transformer manufacturer. With three factories in the US and Canada, they manufacture Power and Mobile transformers and switchgear for Utilities and Large Industrial HV customers. They have over 100 years of manufacturing history and capability of manufacturing units up to 300 MVA and 315 KV. Every Transformer is custom engineered to meet our customer requirements.

DV Power

DV Power is a leading manufacturer of Transformer Test Products, including TTR, Winding and Tap Change Analyzers, CT/VT testers, SFRA, and more.

EA Technology

EA Technology Partial Discharge Equipment: The EA Technology Group has nearly 40 years of experience working with Partial Discharge. During that time, they have built a unique database of thousands of examples of MV and HV plant which have been affected by PD activity, leading to failures and outages. They are the experts in predicting and preventing outages, because we have the greatest knowledge of what causes outages. The EA Technology Partial Discharge Equipment includes: Portable PD Testing products for Switchgear, Cables and Substation gear and Permanent monitoring systems for switchgear and cables.

Electro Industries/Gaugetech

Electro Industries / GaugeTech has been designing and manufacturing Electrica Metering products for 45 years. They are well known for the following: Nexus ® High Performance Power Quality Meters Shark ® 270 Revenue energy meters Shark ® 100, 200, 250 Panel metering products


Ensto is a 65-year-old manufacturer offering innovative and reliable, long-lifecycle products for overhead lines, underground networks and network automation for distribution system operators.


Tomorrow’s Smart Grid, Starting Today. Featuring the TESLA4000 Digital Fault Recorder (DFR), the industry leading device for capturing all fault data in Substations. ERLPhase also sell a wide range for protection relays for Transformer, Feeder, Bus Bar, Transmission protection. Also the new S Pro, Sub-Harmonic protection relay for use in Wind Farms.

Exiscan LLC

Exiscan™ manufactures infrared windows (also called IR windows, IR viewports, and infrared sightglasses). Our inspection windows allow thermographers to inspect and troubleshoot electrical equipment while keeping the equipment closed. This closed-panel inspection process saves companies 90% or more on their annual infrared electrical inspections while complying with OSHA, NFPA, and CSA mandates.

Franklin Electric

Franklin Electric makes a number of economical portable battery test systems for Utilities, Telecom and Industry. The Celltron Advantage, Ultra, GenStart and SCP6/12 helps you perform Maintenance tests for: NERC PRC-005 NFPA-110 NFPA-111

H20 Control Products

H20 Control Products offers Moisture Control and Anti-Corrosion products used in the Power, Mining and Electrical industries. Their Transformer Breather Kit is a “Spin-on” filter for Power Transformer breathers. Eliminating the handling of bulk Silica Gel.

Inolect LLC

inoLECT LLC. Supplier of the inoRAC2, the world’s leading Universal Remote Racking System for Power Circuit Breakers. Keep workers safe by remotely racking all brands and styles of LV and MV CB’s.

Lindsey Systems

For 75 years, Lindsey Systems has provided thoughtful solutions to the electric power industry. Our pioneering products are known around the world for reliability and performance that exceeds expectations

Mirus International

Mirus International Inc. is a designer and developer of world class power quality equipment for mission critical operations. Their specialized product lines include highly efficient harmonic filters, transformers, autotransformers and Data Center power distribution equipment. Mirus mitigation equipment solutions minimize disruption to the power supply, improve reliability and adhere to the strictest of regulatory requirements while also saving energy and reducing operating costs. Leading Edge Sales supplies the following Mirus mitigation equipment: Passive Harmonic Filters, Sine Wave Filters and Auto-Transformer Harmonic filters for use with VFD’s and ESP’s.


Megger offers state-of-the-art On-line DGA Gas Monitors for Oil filled Transformers. Megger also offers Transformer maintenance training and failure analysis services.

PdMA Corp

By combining the capabilities of both offline and online into one portable package, PdMA has created the MCEMAX — the single most powerful electric motor testing tool available. Regardless of motor size, type, or condition the MCEMAX gives you the information needed to make critical decisions thereby increasing your plant’s reliability.


The PFISTERER corporate group has been dealing with the interfaces in the flow of electricity ever since it was founded in 1921. As a specialist in energy transmission and distribution, we offer our customers and business partners a range of sophisticated, future-ready products: For all voltage ranges and wherever reliable, long-lasting systems are needed for powerful energy grids.

Phenix Technologies

Phenix Technologies has provided Circuit Breaker Test Systems & Dielectric Test Equipment to over 110 countries for the past 40+ years. They are a leading manufacturer of High Voltage, High Current, High Power test equipment for all aspects of an electrical system. This includes a complete line of the most advanced AC Dielectric Test Systems with voltage and power ratings to meet your testing requirements, DC Dielectric Test Sets available at nearly any voltage power rating required, and Circuit Breaker Test Equipment. Their Hipots and testing equipment are used for Cables, Breakers, Bucket Trucks, safety equipment and more. Phenix Technologies specializing in rugged, reliable portable equipment for field use, and shop installed test gear for motor and transformer manufacturing and repair.


PDIX is a world leader of quality instruments and engineering services for Partial Discharge detection and analysis in rotating machines and MV/HV Equipment.


Leading Edge Sales offers power quality metering through their partnership with PowerSensors Ltd. PowerSensors Ltd are the creators of the PQube3, the world’s most advanced Three Phase Power Quality Analyzer. PQube3 is the energy meter certified to the world’s most accurate standards: fully certified to: EC 62053-22 Class 0.2S and ANSI C12.20 Class 0.2. Brief features include: Class A Power Quality, Energy Revenue meter, Cloud and Email data comms. The PQube3 can be used in a wide variety of Power Quality Metering applications. View the three PQube3 versions below to read more about their abundant features.

Prime Z32 (formerly LD Cowley)

Prime Z32 tester is the latest upgrade from the original Z32 tester for LD Cowley. This all-in-one tester allows technicians to test hospital and medical center electrical plus as specified in CSA Z32.

Triton Transformer

Triton Transformer have decades of experience in sourcing reconditioned and new transformers. From 25 KVA to 50 MVA, including Pole Mount, Pad Mount, and Station style transformers. Contact LES for your transformer needs

Trayer Engineering

Trayer proudly manufactures low-maintenance vacuum switchgear of the highest caliber, designed to thrive in the most challenging circumstances. Every submersible, padmount or vaultmount product is backed by over 55 years of leading innovation in design and manufacturing.