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Prime Z32 Test Set VDPRG-V4

Prime Z32 Test Set VDPRG-V4

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The VDPRG-V4 test set is designed for use by qualified electrical testing personnel, and helps the user perform the Z32 tests in Health Care environments with one comprehensive system. Saves time and improves efficiency of the testing procedures.

VDPRG-V4 measurement circuits have been designed in accordance with Figures 2, 3 and 4 of the CSA Z32-21 standard for electrical safety and essential electrical systems in Canadian health care facilities. 

Functionality and Tests Performed

For use in 15A and 20A 120-volt receptacles installed in a solidly grounded system. 

  • The VDPRG-V4 utilizes accessory and customer supplied calibrated voltmeter meeting the specifications of CSA Z32-21, tests:
    • Receptacle polarity
    • Continuity and voltage difference between receptacle bonding poles and exposed conductive non-current-carrying parts in the same patient care environment (Figure 3)
    • Voltage drop (Figure 2), and ground return path 
    • Voltage rise (Figure 4) on 15A and 20A 120-volt receptacles installed in a solidly grounded system
  • Insulation resistance
  • Branch circuit breaker mechanical operation

Note: Receptacle identification and retentive force are tests to be completed manually that may require customer supplied accessories. 

Features and Equipment Certification

  • No software required, MS Excel is recommended for data entry
  • New units come with a calibration certificate
  • All accessories are included except multimeter (customer supplied)
  • Enclosed in a rugged Pelican case
  • Weight ~20 kg