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Sweep Frequency Response Analyzer

Sweep Frequency Response Analyzer

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A sweep frequency response analyzer is a PC-controlled digital instrument that offers a fully portable solution for the field of SFRA (Sweep Frequency Response Analysis) on power transformers in accordance with the IEEE C57.149 – 2012 and IEC 60076-18 standards.

The sweep frequency response analysis is a powerful and sensitive method to evaluate the mechanical integrity of core, windings, and clamping structures within power transformers by measuring their electrical transfer functions over a wide frequency range. This is a useful tool for the acceptance, commissioning, relocation, post-fault, and manufacturing testing of power transformers. DV Power FRA500 is developed especially for testing the mechanical and electrical integrity of power transformers after transportation or exposure to high fault currents.

The measurement is easy to perform and will capture a unique fingerprint of the transformer. The measurement is compared to a reference fingerprint and gives a direct answer if the mechanical parts of the transformer are unchanged or not. Deviations indicate geometrical and/or electrical changes within the transformer.

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