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Protection Relays

Protection Relays

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AQ 200 and AQ 250 – Protection relays for the most demanding applications

Both AQ 200 and AQ 250 series provide optimal solutions for any electrical protection and control application, from utilities and power plants to wind power and heavy industry applications (offshore, marine) as well as industrial and institutional electrical systems. The series offer both integrated and segregated protection control, monitoring, and measuring solutions that include complementary and powerful monitoring, measuring, communication, and diagnostics information.

The AQ 250 series has many advantages: it offers a large full-color display that you can configure yourself, and is equipped with up to 14 expansion slots for option cards (compared to the six in AQ 200). AQ 250 is therefore ideal for applications that require a more integrated functionality.

All our protection relays are easy and fast to configure which reduces engineering costs, while the devices’ unique modularity reduces the lifecycle costs of your installation. The latest technologies give protection and control engineers new options and open a whole new dimension of protection and control!

The AQ 200 and AQ 250 series provide…

  • Complete line, feeder, capacitor bank, transformer, generator, and motor protection applications.
  • The perfect choice for the most demanding protection applications (including rotating machines).
  • A future-proof solution for distributed protection and control.