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PD Impulse Sequence & Sync Generator

PD Impulse Sequence & Sync Generator

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PD Impulse Sequence & Sync Generator

The Power Diagnostix PRPDreplay is a portable pattern impulse and sync generator, allowing for the replay of partial discharge data sets recorded and stored with Power Diagnostix instruments such as the ICMsystem, ICMcompact, ICMmonitor, etc. It provides the analog signals of the PD pulses and of the synchronization voltage for further processing. Raw data can be imported via USB port from DAT, DTC or DT2 files.

The device is battery operated and comes with a set of default phase resolved partial discharge patterns as well as a charging device.


  • Intuitive touch display operation
  • Robust Explorer case
  • Battery driven (up to 8 hours continuous operation)
  • Fully operational even while charging
  • Ability to load customer supplied pattern from USB storage
  • 2x 12 bit D/A converter
  • Embedded software
  • Set of typical PD patterns included