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Partial Discharge Measurement Devices

Partial Discharge Measurement Devices

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PD Measurement Devices

ICMsystem with up to 10 parallel input channels

The Power Diagnostix ICMsystem is a digital partial discharge detection system. The instrument is completely controlled by software using a GPIB, USB, TCP/IP, GSM Modem, fiber optic or direct serial link. It can be expanded to up to 10  true-parallel acquisition channels, while offering all features of the single channel  ICMsystem. It is designed for acceptance tests on large power transformers and other application requiring parallel acquisition.


The ICMcompact is a stand-alone partial discharge detector often used for quality assurance. Among other options, the ICMcompact can be equipped with circuits to perform partial discharge location in power cables. The spectrum analysis option (former known from the SPECcompact) offers a narrow- and broad-band partial discharge measurement with selectable center frequency. The unit offers as well spectrum analysis up to 10 MHz and a selectable bandwidth of 9 kHz or 270 kHz.


The AIAcompact  is a portable unit for acoustic and electric (UHF) partial discharge measurement on GIS, transformers, and cable accessories. Optionally, the unit can be equipped with circuits for UHF measurements.


The ICMflex instrument family, introduced in 2008, bases on the latest concept where the entire acquisition hardware is placed on high voltage potential. The instruments are fully remote controlled via high speed Bluetooth or fiber optic communication.