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Nexus 1252 Substation 19″ Rack Mount Assembly

Nexus 1252 Substation 19″ Rack Mount Assembly

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EIG’s rack mount assembly offers the Nexus® 1252 advanced performance power meter and power quality recorder together with three LED displays in one mountable unit. The rack assembly accommodates the Nexus® 1252 power meter, any optional I/O modules, a Test switch and the three displays.

  • Enhanced Visibility and Ease of Use
  • Designed for Rack Installation

Enhanced Visibility and Ease of Use
Great for Field Personnel

  • Three bright-red, 0.56” lines of data in each LED display for easy viewing, with no scrolling.
  • Incorporates nine simultaneous lines for display in one mountable unit.
  • View relevant data easily from the preconfigured displays:
    • P40N+ – Master display providing either multifunction measurement or use as a volts master unit
    • P41N+ – Amperes slave display
    • P43N+ – Power slave display
  • Constructed for easy installation

Designed for Rack Installation

  • Built-in Test switch
  • Front panel serial port for easy downloads
  • Easy access to Com ports behind rack mount assembly