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Nexus 1252 Energy and Power Quality Meter

Nexus 1252 Energy and Power Quality Meter

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The Nexus® 1252 energy and power quality meter is ideal for high performance power metering and power quality analysis. Utilizing auto-calibrating metrology, the meter is highly stable and accurate. It provides a highly comprehensive circuit analysis and is ideal when critical information and reliability is paramount.

  • High Performance Revenue Metering
  • Advanced Power Quality Analyzer
  • Extensive Communication
  • Extensive I/O Expansion

High Performance Revenue Metering
Ideal for Critical Metering Applications

  • 0.06% revenue grade metering accuracy
  • Precision auto-calibrating metrology with temperature compensation
  • Transformer Line Loss and CT/PT compensation
  • Time of Use programming
  • Max/min for all parameters and coincidental readings of watts and VARs

Advanced Power Quality Analyzer
Perform Detailed Power Quality Analysis

  • Record waveforms on fault and voltage events and input status changes at up to 512 samples per cycle
  • Record subcycle transients
  • Measure and record harmonic magnitudes to the 255th order
  • Perform phasor analysis
  • ITIC/CBEMA log plotting
  • EN 50160 /IEC 61000-4-15 Flicker and Compliance Monitoring

Extensive Communication

  • Four isolated RS485 high-speed communication ports.
  • Two RS485 ports can act as Modbus clients to I/O modules.
  • One RS485 port can be used for RS232 communication.
  • Onboard Ethernet connectivity.
  • Modbus and DNP3 Level 2 Plus protocol support.

Extensive I/O Expansion
Acts as an RTU with I/O and Control

  • Status inputs support load aggregation/universal metering
  • Relay control for capacitor control, load shedding, and automatic transfer schemes
    • Limits and logic to trigger operations
  • ElectroLogic Relay Control provides graphical programming of relays
  • Response time is typically less than 200 ms per I/O module
  • Lower cost than traditional RTUs

Advanced Logging
Multiple Programmable Memory Logs

  • Two historical logs of 64+ parameters each
  • Limit Alarms log
  • Event triggered waveform recording log
  • ITIC/CBEMA log
  • Relay output log
  • Input status log

Total Web Solutions
Meter Data Integration with the Web

  • Provides real time data on the web
  • Fully customizable webpage development
  • Multiple meter hosting on one webpage
  • IT department friendly
  • Instant alarm emails directly from the meter

Designed for Utilities, Industrial Users, and Critical Power Applications

  • For energy providers –
    • Smart grid and substation automation
    • Transformer and circuit breaker monitoring
    • Increase power distribution reliability
    • Shed or shift loads quickly
    • Heighten response time to PQ events

  • For energy consumers –
    • Real time PQ monitoring and analysis
    • Reduce costs, conserve energy, and improve operational efficiency
    • Increase productivity and reduce downtime
    • Avoid high utility penalties for exceeding usage
    • Optimize loads/extend equipment life