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Monitoring Web Service (MWS)

Monitoring Web Service (MWS)

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Power Diagnostix’s MWS is a monitoring web server providing an Ethernet gateway for remote access to monitoring data recorded with, e.g., an ICMmonitor. Alarms triggered by the instrument can be reported by automated email to the responsible person. To access the PD instrument by remote a modern web browser is required (Firefox version 68.0, Chrome version 75.0, Opera version 62.0, Edge version 44, or later). The module is available as built-in plug-in board.

Combined with an LTE mobile router, a secure remote acces via Internet can be provided.


  • Web browser-based remote access to a monitoring instrument (e. g. ICMmonitor)
  • Instant visualization of event log and corresponding PD data
  • Responsive user interface
  • User group specific displays
  • Secure remote acces via Internet if combined with an optional LTE mobile router
  • Optional heating element for harsh environmental conditions
Signal flow

Web Interface

Trending information

The user-friendly web interface offers easy remote acces to all collected data, recorded patterns, and the instrument’s setup.

  • Web browser-based visualisation
  • Full control of the instrument
  • Modern responsive design
  • User group-specific displays
  • E-mail notification function
  • Database export
  • Built-in report generator
  • Convenient update possibilities