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Mirus Lineator HP

Mirus Lineator HP

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Mirus Lineator 1Q3 is designed for remote locations such as farms, golf courses, oil and gas fields and residential areas where standard 3-phase Variable Speed Drives are often used as Phase Converters to supply 3-phase motors when only 1-phase power is available. The Lineator 1Q3 is ideal for systems such as water and waste water, pump jacks, irrigation and many others.

The Lineator 1Q3 has been designed to address this application by accepting 1-phase input and supplying a quasi 3-phase supply to the VFD. This will significantly lower both input harmonic current distortion (by up to 10x) and DC ripple current within the VFD. Reducing the ripple current allows for less derating of the VFD which, in many cases, will offset the cost of the Lineator 1Q3.

Mirus Lineator 1Q3 Features

  • Treats all major harmonics generated by 3-phase Variable Frequency Drives when fed by 1-phase power (3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, 11th, 13th …)
  • Easily applied at the ASD input
  • Helps meet IEEE 519 standard for both current and voltage distortion
  • Input current demand distortion < 12% over entire operating range (10x reduction)
  • Will not resonate with other power system components or attract line side harmonics
  • Suppresses overvoltages caused by capacitor switching and other fast changing loads
  • Built-in capacitor bank switching contractor to prevent ASD overvoltages at light loads