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Mirus Lineator AUHF

Mirus Lineator AUHF

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The Mirus Lineator AUHF Advanced Universal Harmonic Filter is a revolutionary advancement in the area of passive harmonic mitigation. No other device on the market can meet the stringent limits of IEEE Std 519 at an equivalent efficiency, size and cost. When your application calls for a truly cost effective harmonic solution, the LINEATOR AUHF is the logical choice. It provides Engineers with a standard off-the-shelf solution for what used to be a very challenging engineering problem.

The LINEATOR is a purely passive device consisting of a unique inductor combined with a relatively small capacitor bank. It’s innovative design achieves reduction of all the major harmonic currents generated by VSD’s and other similar 3-phase, 6-pulse rectifier loads. The resulting ITHD is reduced to <8% and and is now available in a model that achieves <5%. Although referred to as a filter, the LINEATOR exhibits none of the problems that plague conventional filters.

Lineator AUHF Features

  • The most energy efficient harmonic solution for VSD’s
  • Meets harmonic limits for both land and marine VSD applications
  • Guaranteed to meet IEEE Std 519 for both current and voltage distortion at the input terminals of the LINEATOR and PCC
  • Wide Spectrum Harmonic Filter treats all major harmonics generated by VSD’s and other 3-phase rectifier loads
  • Total Demand Distortion (TDD) of the current at the LINEATOR input terminals will not exceed the limits as defined in Table 10.3 of IEEE Std 519
  • Compatible with engine driven generators thanks to the extremely low capacitive reactance, even at no load
  • Suppresses overvoltages caused by commutation notching, capacitor switching and other fast changing loads
  • Suitable for application on multiple VSD’s provided only VSD’s are connected
  • Models available for AC Drives and DC Drives or other controlled rectifiers