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Mirus Lineator ATL

Mirus Lineator ATL

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The Mirus Lineator ED (extreme duty) is designed for extreme environments, such as excessive background voltage distortion (5% to 12% VTHD), high ambient (up to 55º C) or high elevation (above 3000 ft), Mirus now offers an extreme duty model for its Lineator AUHF.

The standard Mirus Lineator AUHF already outperforms any other competitive filter by guaranteeing performance when background voltage distortion is as high as 5%. In some applications however, such as marine vessels, drilling rigs and oil fields equipped with electrical submersible pumps (ESP’s), existing voltage distortion levels will often exceed 5%. Also, when ambient temperature levels exceed 40º C or at higher elevations where the air is thinner, a more robust filter is required. The Lineator-ED model will meet this challenge.