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Contact resistance measurement is one of the most important and common tests during switchgear manufacturing, commissioning and maintenance stages. Besides switchgear testing, DV Power's RMO digital micro-ohmmeters are designed for simple, safe and efficient testing of:

  • disconnecting switches
  • high-current bus bar joints
  • cable splices
  • welding joints
  • and different high-current links in factory and high-induction field environments

All DV Power RMO micro-ohmmeters use Kelvin’s 4-point measurement principle which is the most convenient for very small resistance measurements. The measurements are accurate and in accordance with international standards for AC high-voltage circuit breakers testing (IEEE C37.09 and IEC 62271-100).

Starting from 2003, DV Power has been a trendsetter on the market when our first 500 A micro-ohmmeter weighing only 8 kg (RMO500A /CPM500) was released.

Currently, DV Power micro-ohmmeters portfolio includes 19 models, divided into 4 series:

  • 13 portable models: RMO-A (6), RMO-G (7) series, and RMO-C (3) series
  • 6 handheld models: RMO-H (6) series

The instruments generate a user-selectable and ripple-free test current up to 800 A in an automatically regulated test ramp. Test current ramping significantly decreases the influence of the magnetic transients to measurement.

Download Items: 

RMO-C Series Data Sheet

RMO-G Series Data Sheet

RMO-A Series Data Sheet

RMO-H Series Data Sheet