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InoLECT isoRAC Single Application Racking Solutions

InoLECT isoRAC Single Application Racking Solutions

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Protect What’s Important.

You already know that remote racking is the most cost-effective and immediate way to eliminate the risk of Arc Flash for your employees. You’re providing a safer work environment by allowing them to perform racking operations remotely, outside of the dangerous Arc Flash Boundary.

Now, the cutting edge technology and life-saving capabilities of the inoRAC Remote Racking device are available in a stand-alone, single application device called the isoRAC. This user-friendly, lightweight racking tool is easy to install and operate. No switchgear modifications are required and it’s capable of providing the same torque monitoring and equipment protection as the of the universal inoRAC device.

isoRAC units monitor torque are the same setpoints, Racking Torque and Stab Torque, and torque is applied only when needed to protect against racking mechanism damage.

Remote Racking is the most effective and immediate way to eliminate the risk of Arc Flash for your employees, by allowing them to perform operations from outside of the Arc Flash Boundary. But shouldn’t you also protect your valuable equipment as well?

The isoRAC Single Application Racking Device can do both, as well as become a lasting component of your Safety Program. This user friendly, lightweight device is easy to install, operate and remove and requires no switchgear modifications be made.

The unit monitors applied torque and revolution count during the operation process, and limits torque to protect against switchgear damage. The Operation Remote displays and indication light when in use.

InoLECT isoRAC is currently compatible with Siemens 81000, and GE LimitAmp IC7160. More editions are currently in development stages and will be released soon.