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H2O Transformer Breather Kit (H20TBKSS)

H2O Transformer Breather Kit (H20TBKSS)

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The H2O Transformer Breather Kit (H20TBKSS) is a spin-on air filter for use on Conservator tanks of oil-filled transformers.

  • Removes moisture and particulates from the air stream as it passes through the filter.
  • Replaces Loose Silica Gel filters. Eliminates the need for handling/recycling Silica Gel
  • Inexpensive, Easy Spin-on and Spin-off operation. 1 minute change out!
  • Litmus gauge feedback
  • Non-Toxic, Land Fill disposable

Non-Silica Gel Alternative

The H2O Transformer Breathers (The Non-Silica Gel Alternative) keep the conservator tanks of oil-filled transformers moisture free. Our spin-on filters are your best solution because these unique filters have been designed to remove water from an air stream as it passes through the filter. When used as a conservator breather system it will not only remove particulate from air, but will also remove any water vapour.

These water-removing air filters perform in a superior manner compared to Silica Gel, which is the most common method. Silica-gel breather’s efficiencies are limited to approximately 40% relative humidity environments due to silica-gel being a ridged structure incapable of expansion.

Silica-gel only holds water as a permeating vapor that enters under the principal of vapor pressure differentials that may exist between the granule and its proximate atmosphere. Whereas our spin-on air filter’s superior performance is due to its unique water absorbing structures that are able to expand as they accommodate and hold incoming water under hydrogen bonding principals. This filter can hold up to 24 OZ of moisture!

Once installed, the ease of just spinning off the old filter and spinning on the new replacement filter during maintenance takes only minutes. Compare this to the handling requirements and disposal protocols of loose Silica Gel and you will see a huge cost saving and environmental advantage with the H2O Transformer Breathers.

Order as a First time Replacement Kit that includes a SS “T” fitting, Tank Breather Adapter, and Litmus Gauge with holder.

Order Replacement Spin on filters by the single or case of 12

Key Features of H2O Transformer Breathers include:

  • The Non-Silica Gel Alternative
  • Filter can hold up to 24 OZ of water
  • Comes with a site gauge to alert when replacement is needed
  • Reduces downtime
  • Reduces repair cost
  • Saves time and money
  • Non-toxic alternative to silica breathers for a fraction of the cost