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UltraTEV Plus2

UltraTEV Plus2

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The EA Technology UltraTEV Plus2 distinguishes between true Partial Discharge, noise and other interference, enabling better decision making, and saving time and money. While the included Wi-Fi connectivity allows survey results to be easily synchronized with asset management systems.

Making Partial Discharge measurements easy with the UltraTEV Plus2

The latest hand-held partial discharge (PD) instrument from EA Technology, the UltraTEV Plus2 is easy to use and offers a wealth of testing capabilities and real-time analytical features. Distinguish true PD from noise and other interference, meaning you’ll be able to make better decisions, while saving time and money.

You don’t need to be a PD expert anymore

The UltraTEV Plus² is designed to make asset inspection easy. Using expertly designed algorithms the UltraTEV Plus² is able to help the operator understand the results, interpreting the data and displaying clear results on screen so engineers know immediately the condition of the asset they are inspecting.

EA Technology UltraTEV Plus2 Data Visualization

Capture results and transfer them easily

The UltraTEV Plus2 can transfer measurement results directly to your PC or network via Wi-FI or USB/SD Card. Together with this, the new survey functionality allows details of the substations and assets to be entered on the screen and guides users through a simple survey process.

EA Technology UltraTEV Plus2 Data Capture Functionality Diagram

Additional Partial Discharge Detection and Advanced Analytics

The UltraTEV Plus2 has the ability to measure PD in cables and accessories using radio frequency current transformers (RFCTs), as well as surface PD (Ultrasonic) detection and internal PD (TEV) detection on switchgear.

New advanced analytics allows PD measurements to be examined precisely in real-time or after the inspection:

  • Phase Plots: Helps to differentiate between noise patterns and real PD
  • Waveform Capture: Examines amplitude of individual pulses for PD characteristics
  • Histograms: Assists with the identification of multiple sources of PD and noise discrimination
UltraTEV Plus2 Advanced Analytics Features

Features of the UltraTEV Plus2

  • Provides numerical and audible ultrasonic readings for classification of PD
  • Provides numerical and audible TEV readings for interpretation of PD
  • Wi-Fi connectivity allows survey results to be easily synchronized with asset management systems
  • Phase resolved and waveform displays allow more reliable and conclusive decisions to be made based on measured PD
  • Menu-driven, backlit color touchscreen and keyboard (can be used wearing gloves)
  • Portable & rugged
  • Compatible with all UltraTEV Plus+ accessories
  • Cable PD
  • Long-life, rechargeable internal Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion battery)

Benefits of the UltraTEV Plus2

  • Use the in-built PD classification and interpretation tools to detect problems early to avoid dangerous and damaging failures and minimise network downtime/outages
  • Optimise maintenance cycles and asset life through a better understanding of asset condition, comparing PD results over time to identify trends
  • Increase on-site productivity by rapidly collecting key condition information in an accurate and consistent manner using Survey mode
  • Detect PD in a wider range of assets with the inclusion of cable PD technology
  • Highly user friendly with little training required offering time and efficiency savings

Ordering Information

To meet a wide range of application needs the UltraTEV Plus2 is offered in the following kits:

Kit 1: Metal clad Switchgear

Standard kit for Switchgear condition assessment includes headphones & battery chargers.

Kit 2: Metal clad Switchgear, Cables

This kit has additional external sensors and includes a RFCT, allowing quick and easy condition assessment of your cable*

Kit 3: Metal clad Switchgear, Cables, Outdoor Assets

With the UltraDish™ option included in Kit 3, PD activity can be measured in overhead assets, offering a comprehensive condition assessment package

*Access to cable earth required.

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