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UltraTEV Detector²

UltraTEV Detector²

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EA Technology UltraTEV Detector²

“Testing for PD prior to entering a substation is mandatory for all of our site operatives, each engineer and technician carry an EA Technology’s UltraTEV Detector²….. never compromise on safety no matter what the cost.”

– David Pierce, Business Development Director at RJ Power Group Ltd

The UltraTEV Detector² is the latest upgrade to the award winning UltraTEV range.

Using dual sensor technology the UltraTEV Detector² is the ‘first pass’ asset condition testing device you cannot afford to be without.

UltraTEV Detector² helps you to meet the requirements of Health and Safety Executive ‘HSG230 Keeping electrical switchgear safe’ that states ‘You should assess the switchgear and the electrical network to identify any potential risks and problems’.


Dual-Sensor Technology

  • Ultrasonic sensor detects surface Partial Discharge (PD) activity beyond audible range
  • Transient Earth Voltage (TEV) sensor detects internal PD activity
  • Both sensors are pre-set to indicate when PD activity is above acceptable thresholds
  • Audio output allows effective discrimination between surface PD and noise

Clear Display

  • Green LED indicates that no significant PD is present
  • Amber LED indicates PD activity that requires more frequent monitoring (TEV mode only)
  • Red LED indicates PD activity that requires immediate investigation – and is potentially dangerous to equipment and personnel.


  • One button operation with instant start-up
  • Light, portable and ergonomically designed
  • Kit complete with carrying case, clip on headset, mains battery charger, USB car charger and Quick Start Guide


  • Essential personal safety device
  • Identify faults BEFORE they lead to failures
  • Test for critical PD activity instantly
  • Detect surface AND internal PD activity
  • Minimal training requirement
  • Low cost, high productivity

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