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Circuit Breaker Analyzers & Timers

Circuit Breaker Analyzers & Timers

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DV Power CAT circuit breaker analyzers and timers are advanced standalone or PC-controlled instruments for circuit breaker maintenance. Typical application areas of CAT instruments are medium and high voltage substations at electric power generation, transmission, and factories of switchgear. Also, industrial environments and electric power distribution are suitable application areas for these circuit breaker testing instruments.

DV Power CAT circuit breaker testing instruments are portable and lightweight. They are designed for performing mechanical operations intended for circuit breakers testing according to standards IEC 62271-100 and IEEE C37.09.

These instruments measure:

  • the timing of main contacts, pre-insertion resistor contacts, auxiliary contacts operations
  • coil currents
  • motion parameters
  • voltage recording
  • main circuit resistance
  • arcing contacts wipe
  • and any relevant analog signal

Motion transducer channels provide measuring the displacement of the circuit breaker moving parts, contact wipe, over-travel, rebound, damping time, and average velocity. Even more, the CAT circuit breaker analyzer optionally has a built-in micro-ohmmeter. Hence, it provides the main circuit resistance measurement and dynamic resistance measurement. Dynamic resistance measurement is an effective method for arcing contact condition assessment.

Download Items: 

CAT 500 Series Data Sheet

CAT 505 Series Data Sheet

CAT 250 Series Data Sheet

CAT 100 Series Data Sheet

CAT-H Handheld Series Data Sheet

CAT-P Handheld Series Data Sheet

CAT Advanced Series Data Sheet

CAT Standard Series Data Sheet