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BriteSpot® Plus Thermal Monitoring

BriteSpot® Plus Thermal Monitoring

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The BriteSpot Plus is the latest version of the popular BriteSpot thermal monitoring system.

Now with a ThruDoor (1/4 DIN Cut-out) color display. Ideal for “at-a-glance” indications of cable and or termination temperatures. Trending can also be shown on the local display.

BriteSpot Plus comes in both a 9 Channel and 18 Channel configuration.

The BriteSpot® Thermal Monitoring technology provides continuous thermal monitoring of switchgear components without compromising standard ANSI and IEC switchgear construction practices. Peace of mind is realized with appropriate surveillance of temperatures in inaccessible locations, maximizing the protection of personnel and equipment. Thousands of dollars of downtime and repair expenses have been saved each year through the early detection of hot spots; entrust BriteSpot to help care for your assets.

Add Powell Modbus Current Sensors (MCS’s) to the product to gain greater granularity of a circuit’s condition by observing the relationship between current and temperature; a leading indicator of impending hotspot issues.

• Rated Max Voltage = 38kV
• Rated Voltage Withstand = 80kV
• Rated Impulse withstand voltage = 150kV
• Rated Power Frequency = 60Hz