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Battery Extra Load Units

Battery Extra Load Units

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Performing a capacity/discharge test on a high-capacity battery may be challenging since high requirements are set on the discharge system. In cases when discharge test times need to be reduced, high load capacities are required from the discharge system. The BXL is an additional load unit designed especially for this purpose.

It is primarily used with BLU battery testers. However, the unit is a universal add-on device. This means it can be used as an additional load with any other discharge/capacity tester in the market.

When the discharge current exceeds the capacity of a single BLU device, an extra load unit increases discharge capacity. A system of BLU and BXL instruments enables performing the capacity test in an accurate, user-friendly way in accordance with battery testing standards: IEEE 450-2010, IEEE 1188-2005, IEEE 1106-2015, IEC 60896-11/22, and other relevant standards.

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