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AQ-100 Arc Flash Protection Series

AQ-100 Arc Flash Protection Series

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AQ 100 – a complete solution for arc flash protection

Arcteq’s AQ 100 series offers a complete solution for arc flash protection focusing on simplicity while maintaining both flexibility and function. The devices are built for a single purpose: to provide effective protection for low-voltage or medium-voltage applications.

Our arc flash protection provides you with…

  • The ultimate protection for both personnel and equipment.
  • A more effective solution in lieu of the more expensive arc-resistant switchgear.
  • a solution that is suitable for installations in any environment: from utilities and power plants to heavy industry applications (offshore, marine, mining, etc.) as well as commercial and institutional electrical systems.
  • An excellent candidate for both new and retrofit installations.

The AQ 100 series arc flash protection relays provide trip times of 2…7 ms. When combined with a fast-acting circuit breaker, a total clearing time of 5 to 8 cycles is achieved. Protection schemes can be based solely on an arc light signal or on arc light and overcurrent signals occurring simultaneously. You can also apply a pressure condition to tripping as well with our innovative light and pressure point sensor.

Additionally, Arcteq provides Standard Arc Schemes (AQ-SAS™) for various typical switchgear layouts. These pre-engineered, fully tested, and fully documented protection schemes with standard wiring and settings ensure correct operation in all conditions.

Adding an arc quenching device (AQD) to the system further limits the arcing time. When an AQD receives a triggering signal from a connected AQ 100 series device, it creates a low-impedance path for the fault current. The arc is transferred to the quenching device, extinguishing it within 4-5 ms from its initiation. All Arcteq AQDs are also resettable which allows for system testing and multiple uses in arc flash incidents.


Arc Flash Devices

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