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10 A Low Resistance Ohmmeter

10 A Low Resistance Ohmmeter

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The RMO-EH, battery-powered, and handheld micro-ohmmeter is the unique solution on the market manufactured for low (mΩ) resistance measurement. It is designed to provide fast, repeatable, and accurate measurements, where non-inductive resistance is checked during factory, maintenance, and commissioning inspections or testing in high-induction field environments. It is ideal for electrical substations and other facilities in which the availability of power supply is limited or when the lightweight, handheld, and easily portable test set with long test leads is required.

It provides a maximum of 10 A test current, and test leads even up to 200 m (on reels). It has a very user-friendly interface (1-click test), which is achieved with an intuitive keyboard, menu design, and remote-control probe with a test button. The weight of the RMO-EH is less than 1 kg.

The RMO-EH device can be used for various applications, such as:

  • Wind turbines – lightning protection
  • On-board aircraft electrical systems – bonding tests
  • Rail vehicle, lines, and rail track joints testing
  • Earthing systems continuity verification
  • HV and MV disconnecting switches
  • High-current busbar joints
  • Oil and gas pipelines bonding
  • Continuity of protective bonding conductors
  • Welding joints
  • Cable splices and cable resistance

RMO-EH Series Data Sheet



The RMO10H is a handheld ohmmeter that runs on battery power and is designed specifically for low resistance measurements. It is suitable for use in factory, maintenance, and commissioning inspections, as well as testing in high-induction field environments, and is capable of providing fast, accurate, and repeatable measurements of non-inductive resistance.

The ohmmeter has a user-friendly interface that is achieved through an intuitive keyboard, menu design, and test leads with small TTA clamps. It weighs only 0.95 kg and can provide a maximum test current of 10 A. It is characterized by high accuracy for all measuring ranges.

Typical applications of the RMO10H include the accurate measurement of:

  • Electric cable resistance
  • Switches, busbars, relays, welding joints
  • Railway lines, vehicles, and rail track joints are tested.
  • Bonds and joints in the aircraft manufacturing industry

Our free DV-Win software enables wireless Bluetooth communication with the RMO10H ohmmeter, allowing you to store up to 10,000 measurements, download test results, analyze them, and generate fully configurable test reports.

Handheld Ohmmeter RMO10H Data Sheet