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EA Technology

EA Technology Partial Discharge Equipment

EA Technology is the worlds leading supplier of Partial Discharge (PD) Equipment. Portable PD Testing products for Switchgear, Cables and Substation gear. Permanent monitoring systems for switchgear and cables.

Mirus International


MIRUS International manufactures energy efficient, cost effective & reliable power quality products & services based on innovative engineering. Passive Harmonic Filters, Sine Wave Filters Auto-Transformer Harmonic filters for use with VFD’s and ESP’s.

Trayer Engineering


Trayer Engineering manufactures maintenance-free, storm hardened distribution switchgear from 15KV to 35KV. Submersible, Padmount, AutoTransfer switches and more.



Pfisterer offers the most complete range of electrical cable terminations and splicing solutions for any voltage up to 550 KV. They offer a wide selection of industry leading connections for GIS, Transformers, and MV/HV Electrical Cable.


Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric Energy Automation product portfolio includes their full range of protection relays, SEPAM, MiCOM and ECOFIT, as well as the VAMP 321 arc flash protection system. Also in the portfolio is the new Easergy T300 Distribution Automation Solution.

ERL Phase Technologies

ERL Power Technologies

Tomorrow’s Smart Grid, Starting Today. Featuring the TESLA4000 Digital Fault Recorder (DFR), the industry leading device for capturing all fault data in Substations. ERLPhase also sell a wide range for protection relays for Transformer, Feeder, Bus Bar, Transmission protection. Also the new S Pro, Sub-Harmonic protection relay for use in Wind Farms.


Delta Star Brand

Delta Star power transformers are individually designed and manufactured to exceed the highest industry standards and the exact specifications for our customers applications. Three factories in North America to service customers quickly.


Electro Industries

ElectroIndustries / Gaugetech

ElectroIndustries/Gaugetech has been designing and manufacturing Electrical Metering products for 45 years. They are well known for the following: Nexus ® High Performance Power Quality Meters; Shark ® 270 Revenue energy meters; Shark ® 100, 200, 250 Panel metering products.

OFIL Systems

Ofil System Corona Cameras

Ofil’s DayCor® Corona Cameras are used by reliability engineers to prevent and manage HV Electrical equipment failure. Ofil’s systems include: bi-spectral UV-Visible cameras and UV imagers classified as Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) equipment.


WEIDMANN Electrical Technology

WEIDMANN Transformer Monitors and Accessories offers Insulogix (TM) on-line transformer monitors for Hydrogen, Moisture, Dielectrics. Online Bushing Monitors. Protect your assets with real-time, communicating analysis equipment.



inoLECT LLC. Supplier of the inoRAC2, the world’s leading Universal Remote Racking System for Power Circuit Breakers. Keep workers safe by remotely racking all brands and styles of LV and MV CB’s.


Franklin Electric

Franklin Electric Grid Solutions

Franklin Electric products help industry and utilities reduce downtime, maximize uptime, and comply with various NERC standards. CellGaurd Battery monitors systems for Stationary Battery systems. Measure Conductance and Electrolyte 24/7/365 with remote comms and alarms. Comply with NERC PRC-005-06 with CellGaurd.



Exiscan™ manufactures infrared windows (also called IR windows, IR viewports, and infrared sightglasses). Our inspection windows allow thermographers to inspect and troubleshoot electrical equipment while keeping the equipment closed. This closed-panel inspection process saves companies 90% or more on their annual infrared electrical inspections while complying with OSHA, NFPA, and CSA mandates.

HV Diagnostics

HV Diagnostics

HV Diagnostics is a leading world-wide supplier of Cable Testing/Diagnostic Equipment.


Phenix Technologies

Phenix Technologies Electrical Testing Equipment

Phenix Technologies is known for High Voltage, High Current, High Power test equipment for all aspects of an electrical system. Testing equipment for Cables, Breakers, Bucket Trucks, safety equipment and more. Specializing in rugged, reliable portable equipment for field use, and shop installed test gear for motor and transformer manufacturing and repair.


ISA Altanova Group

ISA / ALTANOVA is a world scale manufacturer of Electrical Test Equipment for Circuit Breakers, Transformers, Substation Batteries and more. Single and Three Phase Relay Test sets for all types of protective equipment.

AEMC Instruments

AEMC Brand

AEMC​ ® ​Instruments (part of the Chauvin Arnoux​ ® ​ Group) founded in 1976 are industry leaders in current measurement probes, power quality and energy analyzers, ground resistance testers (including the new revolutionary tower testing system), and insulation resistance testers. Our full product line also includes clamp-on meters, transformer ratiometers, harmonic power meters, data loggers, multimeters, micro-ohmmeters, environmental testers, oscilloscopes, cable testers, light meters, thermal imaging cameras, and numerous other electrical test instruments.

Cargill FR3

Cargill’s 155,000 employees across 70 countries work relentlessly to achieve our purpose of nourishing the world in a safe, responsible and sustainable way. Every day, we connect farmers with markets, customers with ingredients, and people and animals with the food they need to thrive. We combine 155 years of experience with new technologies and insights to serve as a trusted partner for food, agriculture, financial and industrial customers in more than 125 countries. Side-by-side, we are building a stronger, sustainable future for agriculture.

The Dielectric Fluids product lines is a part of Cargill’s Bio-Industrial division

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