Weidmann InsuLogix VAULT

Weidmann InsuLogix VAULT


Weidmann InsuLogix VAULT

Weidmann InsuLogix VAULT

The Weidmann InsuLogix VAULT is a Secure Transformer Lifecycle Management System.






Secure Transformer Lifecycle Management System

The transformers we rely on today in our energy grid contain a wealth of information that can be leveraged to reduce the cost of operations and maintenance, optimize loading for peak performance, and dependably boost the safety and security of the infrastructure.

Purpose-built to meet the security demands of the future. Capable of serving the many different needs of transformer owners and operators with relevant data sets to support strategic decision-making, the VAULT is designed to securely manage the lifecycle and health of stationary and mobile substation transformers, within the utility network infrastructure. Unlike single-function devices, the VAULT aggregates locally and processes multi-device data in real time, eliminating the inefficiency of moving key information from where it is collected to where it is analyzed.


  • Transformer fleet monitoring, fully configurable to customer requirements to deliver actionable intelligence remotely from your substations
  • Monitor and proactively manage transformer health reducing unplanned service interruptions
  • Proactive, condition based asset management with strategic decision making based on real-time unique Weidmann Health Index
  • Dynamic and condition-based loading with Weidmann Optimum Performance Monitoring (OPM™) Software
  • Real-time health of your transformer through seamless integration of InsuLogix® monitors and SmartInsulation™ sensors
  • Monitor and proactively manage transformer health to reduce operation and maintenance costs, reduce unplanned outages and coordinate proactive condition based monitoring
  • Enhance the safety and security of your substation, utilizing video and access control for real time situational awareness
  • Compliant with NERC/CIP and IEEE 1686 standards to provide the highest level of protection against cyber attack


  • Transformer Health Monitoring – provides information on transformer health by acquring, recording and analysing data from various sensors.
  • Transformer Optimum Loading – calculates loading limits and predicts / simulates / validates loading scenarios using real-time and static data (transformer design, nameplate, heat run test report).

Transformer Health Monitoring

  • Bushing relative power factor
  • Winding temperatures
  • Oil temperatures
  • Moisture dissolved in oil
  • Gasses dissolved in oil

Transformer Optimum Loading

  • Optimal Load
  • Nominal Load
  • Load Threshold
  • Time-To-Peak
  • Loss of life rate per cycle
  • Load Margin

Sensors & monitors that can be connected to InsuLogix® VAULT

  • Gas monitors
  • Moisture sensors
  • Fiber optic temperature monitors
  • Retro-fitable temperature monitoring solutions
  • Bushing and lightning arrester monitoring system
  • Voltage and current sensors

InsuLogix® Optimum Performance Monitoring™ software functionality

  • Controls InsuLogix® VAULT data acquisition, recording and distribution.
  • Allows the user to configure the InsuLogix® VAULT by entering transformer design information, Heat Run Test data, configure alarms for various sensors and calculated parameters.
  • Processes data, executes algorithms and provides analysis of data, outputs information pertaining to transformer health and performance.
  • Provides the user with transformer digital or dynamic nameplate (as compared to analog or static transformer nameplate) for normal and emergency loading scenarios.

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