PD60-2 PD Diagnostics System

PD60-2 PD Diagnostics System


Partial Discharge Diagnostics Systems for Cable Testing

PD60-2 Partial Discharge Diagnostics

The PD60-2 is a portable two-piece partial discharge (PD) measurement and location system that interfaces to the HVA28/30/34 or HVA 60 AC VLF test systems. The PD60, rated at 62kV peak test voltage, allows the operator to detect, locate and map PD in cable systems up to 35kV.





Partial Discharge (PD) Diagnostics

What was once thought to be unachievable a mere 20 years ago, on site Partial Discharge (PD) diagnostics in the field has developed significantly over the past decade. Partial Discharge detection used to be consigned to special test bays in factory and laboratory environments. With the advances in electronics and software, performing PD measurements in the field has now become a routine and important maintenance check of an electrical system.

While there is a great deal of good information on PD on the internet and in technical papers, there is also a great deal of hype, misrepresentation and sales propaganda out there.

Partial Discharge is a very fast, small electrical spark or discharge that does not completely collapse the applied voltage. These discharges can, over time, degrade the insulation, resulting in a complete breakdown of the insulation, often with catastrophic consequences. PD is normally no more than a few mV in amplitude and when considering that the applied voltage is normally several kilovolts, with good modern test instruments, you are literally detecting a needle in haystack, when you detect and measure PD.

The PD series of partial discharge detectors, primarily geared at cables, allows the operator to detect and locate PD. The systems have been designed to work with the HVA Series of VLF high voltage test generators. The powerful software that comes with the PD systems has been engineered to be user friendly and flexible allowing the operator to detect and interpret PD activity coming from the device under test (DUT).


HV Diagnostics PD60-2 Partial Discharge Diagnostics System

The PD60-2 is a portable two-piece partial discharge (PD) measurement and location system that interfaces to the HVA28/30/34 or HVA 60 AC VLF test systems. The PD60, rated at 62kV peak test voltage, allows the operator to detect, locate and map PD in cable systems up to 35kV. Ideal for PD testing on 35kV MV collector networks found in wind and solar farms. The PD system runs on either battery or shore power or both. Combined with one of the HVA series of VLF test instruments, the user can perform both an AC withstand and a partial discharge test on a cable system at the same time without having to make any new connections or change out equipment. The PD 60 uses the same user friendly powerful windows based software suite as used in all our other PD systems. The software controls both the AC VLF source and PD acquisition allowing for automatic or manual control. The PD60 comes complete with PD coupling capacitor and filter units in a rugged injection molded cases with all accessories including a NIST traceable PD Calibrator.



  • Flexible Separate standalone coupling capacitor and filter for ease of setup and portability
  • Battery or AC shore power operation
  • HVD Suite Software – for control and display
  • Rugged and portable
  • Automatic and Manual Control of gain, trigger, and filtering options
  • Analog and Digital Noise mitigating algorithms and Filtering Options
  • Ergonomic process driven menu guided user interface
  • Multiple Display format of PD Activity includes Phase Resolved Pattern, PD mapping, Raw signal , PD Intensity, PD Clusters, Voltage Dependence, Background Noise etc.
  • Detection of PDIV and PDEV
  • Rated at 62kV Peak (ideal for 35kV Acceptance and Maintenance testing and below rated cables)
  • Includes PD Calibration Instrument (acc. to IEC 60270)
  • While mainly used for testing cables, can also be used for testing switchgear, motors, coils, transformers etc.
  • Quick and Easy reporting functionality
  • Corona protection toroids included
  • All cables and accessories included in the injection molded transport case with wheels and pull handle



Technical Specifications

Ordering information (Part Number) 706 221
Power Supply/Input Voltage Internal Battery or 120-240V 50/60 Hz
Supply Power Required 20VA
Rated Max Voltage 0-62kV Peak / 44kV RMS @ 0.1Hz
Rated Max Current 1 Amp
Operating Frequencies 0.01 to 0.1Hz (Default 0.1Hz)
Filter Capacitance 1nF
Coupling Capacitance 1nF
Input Impedance 10kOhm/50pF
Sampling Rate 125 MHz (Ver2 – 200MHz)
Bandwidth 100 MHz
Measuring Range 12 miles @260 ft/uS
20 km @ 80 m/uS
VOP Range (V/2) 10m-150 m/uS or 32-490ft/uS
PD Noise Sensitivity 5pC
PD Location Accuracy 1%
PD resolution 0.2m/0.6ft and 0.1pC
Voltages Synchronization Automatic
Triggering Manual and Automatic
Coupling Capacitor
330mm x 280mm x 730mm / 13″ x 11″ x 29”
21 kgs / 46 lbs
300mm x 280m x 720mm / 12″ x 11″ x 28”
20 kgs / 44 lbs


Storage -4F° to 150F° / -20C° to +65C°
Operating 23F° to 113F° / -5C° to 45C°


(included with every PD60-2 system)

Ordering information 700 222
Output 100pC to 10 nC
Size and Weight
0.7 lbs / 2.4” X 6.5” X 1.3”
0.3 kg / 60mm X 164mm X 33mm

Diagnostics Software: HVD Suite
Included with part number 700 221

Not included in scope of supply: VLF AC power supply, Laptop / PC


Note: Due to continuous development, the information may change without notice.


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