HVA200 PD Tan Delta Instrument

HVA200 PD Tan Delta Instrument


HVA200 PD Tan Delta Instrument

HVA200 Partial Discharge Tan Delta

The HVA200 finally provides cable owners a cost effective, practical solution for testing their transmission class cables in the field. Ideally suited for testing 138kV transmission cables to 1.7Uo.






Partial Discharge Tan Delta

As in any diagnostic field, be it medical or engineering, providing a true and accurate diagnosis of the health of a person or device, often requires the combination of more than one diagnostic test. It is very seldom that simply one diagnostic is sufficient to provide enough information to make a complete and accurate assessment.

With electrical apparatus such as cables, performing a couple of tests is always better than simply pinning your hopes on just one. The PD/TD series of test instruments provide a combo package of Partial Discharge and Tan Delta in one integrated system allowing the testing engineer to perform a multitude of diagnostic tests, thereby gaining a better understanding as to the condition of that device.

For example, there are many case studies from the field, where a cable has had no PD present, had good TD results, but then went on to fail the 30 minute withstand (hipot) test. In other cases, a cable that passed the withstand test, had no PD present and failed the TD diagnostic test – moisture in a splice was one example. In other cases, we have had cables that passed both the TD and withstand test, but had PD activity present in a termination. There are obviously also those cases where a cable can fail all 3 types of tests and one could argue that even the relatively simple but effective withstand test would have been sufficient. The bottom line is that no one tool will work every time to effectively diagnose the condition of an electrical device such as a cable. The combo PD TD series offers an excellent global perspective on the true condition of a cable system.

All the combo systems are shipped in a rugged injection molded transport case/s that house the instrument and all its accessories. The PD TD combo systems combine with the HVA series of VLF AC sources. HVA Systems are sold separately. All the customer needs to provide is a Windows compatible laptop and true desire to accurately assess their cable systems.


HV Diagnostics HVA200 Partial Discharge Tan Delta

The HVA200 finally provides cable owners a cost effective, practical solution for testing their transmission class cables in the field. Ideally suited for testing 138kV transmission cables to 1.7Uo.

The HVA200 provides AC test voltages up to 140kV rms / 200kV Peak and DC up to +/- 200kV.

The unit is equally at home in the field and laboratory environments. It can be installed on a Trailer with retractable tarp that allows fast, easy and flexible test setup and tear down in a variety of field environments.

The HVA200 excellent withstand testing capability can be enhanced with the optional Tan Delta and Partial Discharge diagnostics interface providing the cable owner with a complete cable testing solution.



  • Cable Testing in compliance with IEEE400 and 400.2
  • Both AC VLF and DC plus and minus modes
  • Load Independent Pure Sinewave Voltage output
  • Accurate RMS metering of current and voltage
  • Continuous duty cycle
  • Trailer mountable with flexible and fast setup
  • Programmable automatic voltage test sequences
  • Automatic Frequency optimization from 0.01 to 0.1Hz
  • Voltage Waveform Display
  • Automatic discharging of load
  • Control and reporting software included
  • Remote HV Status indication and Emergency Off Kill Switch
  • Flashover voltage and short circuit detection
  • Automatic Measurement of Load Resistance and
  • Capacitance
  • Upgradeable to include Optional Partial Discharge and Tan Delta


Features of the HVA200’s Optional PD and TD Interface:

  • PD Test done in accordance with IEC60270 and IEEE400.3
  • TD Test done in accordance with IEEE400.2
  • The PD and TD Section are integrated into the one system
  • Allows Accurate location and measurement of PD with phase resolved pattern, magnitude, mapping and intensity displayed
  • Fast and Efficient Reporting software interface
  • Industry leading TD measurement and reporting software – the standard in the industry



Description HVA200
Part Number 720 001
Output Voltage -VLF AC Sinusoidal -DC 0 – 200kVpeak / 140kVrms 0 – +/- 200kV
Output Current Max. 140mA
Output Power 7.2kVA
Output Frequency 0.01- 0.1Hz (Optimized)
Load Capacitance * 0.6μF at Max. Frequency & Max. Voltage.
Supply Voltage 3 Phase + Neutral 480V/380V AC (50/60Hz)
Supply Frequency 48-62Hz
Supply Power 9kVA
Output Mode – AC (VLF) – DC(positive or negative polarity)
Communication Via USB
Weight < 1900 lbs / < 900 kgs
Dimensions Flexible Setup: Approx 170″ x 90″ x 48″ 4300 x 2300 x 1200 mm
Environmental Storage: -13 to 158 °F / -25C to 70°C Operating: 14 to 110°F/ -10 to 45°C Humidity: 5 to 85% non condensing.
Description Optional PD TD System for HVA200
Part Number 720 223
Partial Discharge Diagnostic Section (acc to IEEE60270)
PD Coupling and Filter Capacitor 0.75nF
PD Load Capacitance Range 0.001 μF to 6 μF
PD Sensitivity 1pC to 500nC
PD Bandwidth 150kHz to 50MHz
PD Location Max. Cable Length Range ≥ 6 miles / 10km
Communication Via USB
PD/TD Coupling Cap. & Filter Cap. Tower Section (each) -Dimensions -Weight 70″ (L) x 26″ Dia. OR 1780mm (L) x 660 mm Dia. Each 200 lbs / 90kg Each
Measurement Functions PD – Calibration, amplitude, location, mapping, phase resolved pattern, intensity, PDIV, PDEV and Noise Level
Tan Delta Diagnostic Section (acc to IEEE400.2)
TD Accuracy 3 x 10-4
TD Resolution 1 x 10-5
TD Capacitance Load Range 1 nF up to 10 μF
Communication Via Bluetooth
Measurement Functions TD – Tip Up (gradient), STD and Mean, with Summary & Graph Function with Fast & Easy Reporting Interface

* Load Capacitance equate to length and for a typical transmission cable of say 50pF/ft or 150pF/m this equates to 12000ft or 4000m. Note also that at reduced frequencies and/or voltages these length capabilities increase even further.


Note: Due to continuous development, the information may change without notice.


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