G3 BriteSpot Thermal Monitor BSG3.9

G3 BriteSpot Thermal Monitor BSG3.9


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G3 BriteSpot Thermal Monitor BSG3.9

The G3 BriteSpot Thermal Monitor BSG3.9 offers: 9 Monitoring Channels with 9 x 10M Fiber optic cables, cutting tool, and software/User guide. No HMI.

Other options: 18-channel monitor and a specialized 9-channel monitor with local display

BriteSpot Fiber Optic technology provides constant temperature data from a wide variety of sources while providing real-time data back to the user.





The G3 BriteSpot Thermal Monitor Module is the latest product evolution, providing a unique combination of high-density sensor deployment with advanced preventative maintenance algorithms.

Intended for difficult to access or extremely critical locations, BriteSpot Fiber Optic technology provides constant temperature data from a wide variety of sources. Optical probes can be mounted to busbars, splices, disconnects, cable connections or any source of resistive heating. Simply attach the dielectrically invisible probes to the location of interest.

Advantages of Fiber Optic Temperature Sensing with the G3 BriteSpot Thermal Monitor

The G3 BriteSpot module offers users the ability to access real-time temperature sensor data at locations that would typically be inaccessible to IR scanning. Combined with this accessibility is the absolute accuracy of the probes, which are not subject to the same kinds of operator errors commonly found with IR measurements. These probes are designed and built for longevity, never requiring calibration for the lifetime of the BriteSpot product.

Convenient and Accessible Data

Easily collect data in real-time from the G3 via several standard industrial protocols including Serial MODBUS, TCP/IP MODBUS, or Ethernet/IP. On-board data logging also offers up to 100 years of logging which can be easily accessed via Ethernet connection.

THERMALERT – Advanced Preventative Maintenance Alarming

The G3’s advanced preventative maintenance alarming is intended to drastically simplify decision making. Take the worry out of interpreting raw data, simply install the sensors and monitor a single ThermAlert register. The G3 will then collect, interpret, and archive the data and alert you only when action is needed. This is ideal for locations that are challenging to access and prone to thermal issues including:

  • Main Bus Compartments
  • Low / Medium Voltage Switchgear
  • Switchboards and Panels
  • Fan-Cooled Circuits

G3 BriteSpot Key Features

  • 9 independent sensors
  • Real-time thermal monitoring
  • Advanced preventative maintenance alarms
  • Install on any equipment
  • Monitors inaccessible equipment
  • Ethernet/IP, MODBUS TCB, RS-485 communications

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