The PFISTERER corporate group has been dealing with the interfaces in the flow of electricity ever since it was founded in 1921. As a specialist in energy transmission and distribution, we offer our customers and business partners a range of sophisticated, future-ready products: For all voltage ranges and wherever reliable, long-lasting systems are needed for powerful energy grids. See their complete on-line catalogue HERE


Connex Universal HV Connections

Pfisterer CONNEX

The fully encapsulated CONNEX connection system with solid insulation makes power transformers, cables and GIS more flexible than ever before: in terms of design, set-up, and application. With CONNEX, PFISTERER covers all voltage ranges between 6 kV and 550 kV.


Dry IXOSIL Terminations for overhead cables

Pfisterer CSM IXOSIL

With dry IXOSIL cable terminations, PFISTERER offers sophisticated products for substations and high voltage towers ranging from 52 kV to 170 kV. The portfolio includes cable terminations with built-in surge arresters as well as self-supporting, versatile cable terminations.


SICON Shear Bolt connectors with infinite adjustment

Pfisterer CSM SICON

Thanks to our patented, stepless shear bolts, installation has never been easier. They make sure that ever conductor (be it copper or aluminum, solid or stranded, round or sector-shaped) is connected as effectively as possible and guarantee that the engineer feels confident that installation has been a success. One-of-a-kind: SICON connectors can be used straight away and insulated without any further adjustment.


Pfisterer Earth and Grounding Connections

Pfisterer earth and grounding connections

Pfisterer has a wide variety of Earth and Short Circuit connections for electrical testing and safety purposes. They also make straight, angles Ground Ball studs for use in switchgear and MCC’s.


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